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About Us



It was PremTel’s experience in the telco industry, for over 10 years that drove us to develop our own refreshing business communications products, services and approach to provide more flexible business solutions specifically suited to business clients.

We specialise in:

  • IP Voice via the internet (VoIP)

Our PremTel approach makes the communications process simple and easy. Rather than you having to deal with overseas call centres, PremTel offers a local call centre based in Australia and answered by highly trained and experienced Australian staff that have the authority to make decisions to assist you immediately.

When your bill arrives via email or paper (your choice) there will be no surprises. Your account is easy to read and can be tailored to suit your business. If you are part of an association and sign up to PremTel as a group, we can even tailor your bills to have your own logo on the account.

Wow, how refreshing is that?

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